Creative, and Bold

Pushing through a creative block can sometimes feel like hard work. No matter what you do nothing seems to work out. You know you can do better, but why does it not materialise, you think to yourself, am I going crazy, was I even any good to start with?

Sound familiar to you? Take a deep breath…


When we’re challenging ourselves, trying to create beautiful work and test out our ideas, fears and doubts often surface. Knowing that they are happening is key to not allowing them to ruin these sparks of creativity.

Finding key truths for yourself, and preaching it to yourself. Yes you heard me, preach it to yourself! Is key to pushing through this, and you will come out the other end more polished and sparkly than you even thought was in you.

Reminding myself that I was created to create, and focusing on the things I love about my busy and sometimes stressful life, makes me remember why I started all this in the first place. Letting this take centre stage gives me the platform to unleash that creativity, and know there’s no place for those fears that were holding me back.



As I worked this week, choosing a more beautiful and creative life, was a conscious choice. It was in me all along, but this week I needed to preach it to myself to believe it, and to make it be my reality. This week my Insta feed ended up my most inspiring to date.

With boldness,
Elizabeth x

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