Saturday Gems

It’s been a busy week both in and out of the studio as I work on the initial design stages of the gold project. I’ve found myself up at the cliffs shooting rugged rock landscape photographs, indulging in midnight drawing sessions, gemstone sourcing, and catching up with my favourite designers.

My mood this week has been ALL about Art Deco prints, blue and yellow combinations, slick lines, and golden crisp curves. As I build on my designs I’m focusing on adding in elegant refined structures, and playing with colours of stones that work as light and dark when contrasted against each other. Here’s a little sneak peek into my inspiration boards…

1- Chaumet Lumières d’Eau High Jewellery collection necklace, diamonds and sapphires
2 – Abroath cliffs,  EHumble
3 – Gemstones in the studio, EHumble
4 – Lou Delaney Taylor – swimmers giclee print
5 – Shane Schneck, oblong candle holder
6- Linear sketches, EHumble



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