Golden Hour

Dashing through to Edinburgh with a last minute Assay parcel, was a golden oppurtunity  to take a break in the form of coffee, tarts, and Anthropologie.

With plans for the new gold collection well underway, and my cup overflowing with new ideas, it was the perfect moment to recharge.

new town deli

portuguese tart

Strong kenyan coffee and a semisweet flakey portuguese tart, at the New Town Deli in Broughton, before meandering over to Anthropologie.

champagen bucket mother of pearl

 Mother of pearl crockery & champagne stand

Bursting at the seams with lustrous gold accent pieces for the season ahead, it was the perfect jewellers paradise. And I could have come away with a haul big enough to fill the entire studio!

gold jars

Etched candle jars

sea shakers

Sea serpent cocktail shakers

  Whilst these pieces are of course just emulating gold, their opulence and richness of colour is just so desirable, and fuels my inspiration when creating new work in a more precious medium.  I’ve always loved the luxurious and timeless quality of gold in beautifully crafted work, and I can’t wait to bring this to life in my new collection. Creating jewellery that will age gracefully and be treasured for a lifetime.

Stay tuned!




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