New Spex-tacles, and a Flat White

I popped out of the studio to pick out a pair of glasses from the super chic ‘Spex Pistols’. Located just a stones throw from my studio, the store prides itself in unique, vintage and retro frames. With far too many beautiful frames to choose from, I may very well end up with a collection of glasses by the end of this year.


These beauties ended up coming home with me.
I pranced out of the boutique, camel dappled leather Spex case in hand, as well as a sweet and sultry smelling glasses cleaner that might as well have been perfume, yes you heard me correctly, perfume…

Without stopping to smell any more roses, I dashed two seconds across the road to the ‘Parlour Cafe’, an equally delightful place, however with a good deal more caffeine involved.


Plumping for a flat white, I caught up on my some planning for my new collection ‘The Gold Project’. Mulling over new colour palates and stone combinations.


Deep blue hues, contrasted with pinks and yellows against gold, are my favourites at the moment. They would be perfect for the natural colourful spectrum you get through sapphires and diamonds. Check out my Pinterest page, for inspiration, with updates on my Pin boards every week.


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