How I became a Jewellery Designer


I first started out as a jewellery designer when I was fourteen years old. Sitting in the art room I would spend hours drawing reflections in glass, obsessing delicately over light and shade, finding shapes within shapes and building a tiny empire on paper. The depth of detail captured me, and pulled me to draw these details and lines out of the paper and into a physical object that I would treasure.

Twelve years later with one jewellery degree and four awards in hand, my goal remains the same, except with a little less selfishness.

Looking back I can still taste the delightful indulgence of art school with undisturbed time and space to define a style of my own, and learn a craft that would constantly challenge me to be the best I can. Now, with a little experience tucked safely away in my jewellery box, my personal joy of jewellery design has turned into the desire to create jewellery that not only I would enjoy, but others would treasure too.

studio shot 1

I’m lucky enough to have a studio right in the heart of Dundee where I create all of my collections. A city I love, and one that was recently recognised by UNESCO as the UK’s first City of Design, exciting!



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