Finding my signature style, and a new collection

As my skills have developed over the years as a jewellery designer, my love for creating linear elements and transforming them into beautiful striking structures has defined my signature style. This style has become the foundational to each jewellery collection I create. From this solid foundation, I strive to continually refine my designs and push myself to make my best work.


Each collection I have created has been with silver and gold plating in mind for the main body of each collection, with pieces in solid gold or platinum as an option upon commission.


Over the years various clients have shared why they have chosen a piece of jewellery from my collections, and what makes them treasure or indeed, covet that particular piece. It may have a specific meaning or a memory for them, represent who they are, their character, their style and silently speak for them. Whilst each conversation has been completely unique, they all had a common thread running through. They wanted the jewellery they chose to be treasured forever, keeping their memories and identity preserved.


After speaking with these clients over the years, I decided to create more of my collections in solid Gold. It’s a more precious material and could be treasured forever without the need for lots of re-plating over time. I have always loved the work I created in silver, however personally I would always lean towards the gold coloured pieces, as would many of my clients. Making jewellery that I love to wear has always been central to the development of my jewellery designs. Always believing firmly that my best work has come from the heart has brought the confidence in developing my signature style.

This year I have been fortunate to receive funding from Creative Scotland for a six-month project to develop a new jewellery collection in solid Gold. I will be working on creating refined details and sourcing beautiful stones, which will in turn be set into more luxurious designs.

Look out for the next post on my inspiration for the new GOLD PROJECT.

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